Bold Marketing Techniques: Tips on Getting Clients' Attention

Hi, my name is Hillary, and I love to write about marketing. I especially love to focus on bold marketing campaigns. I love marketing techniques that push boundaries – ones that tread the line between crass and appropriate, scandalous and exciting, edgy and polite. However, I know that deciding where those lines are can be challenging, and if you get it wrong, it can end up looking not so appealing. In this blog, I am going to discuss how to create bold marketing campaigns that get clients' attention without going too far. If you want to learn a few new marketing tips, you have come to the right place. Please, explore and enjoy.

Live Chat Can Grow Your Business More Than You Think


Live messaging has taken much of the world by storm, completely changing how customers shop online. Australia has been slow to adopt the service, but as companies begin to catch on, you'll want to be one of the first in your niche industry to implement the popular system. Here are a few ways live messaging can transform your business for the better:


As technology has advanced, society has become much faster paced with people wanting their problems resolved as quickly as possible and on their time. Live chat solutions offer this convenience and speedy resolution process because of how accessible the system is. Customers can visit your website, and rather than looking for a number to call and dealing with the stress of waiting to talk to a company representative, customers can send your live chat team a quick message and easily begin dialogue. This is great for customers who may do multiple things at once or who simply cannot make it to a phone at the time.

To add to the convenience, you'll likely see a boost in sales as people can quickly consult with a company representative and execute their purchase. Without this service, companies found themselves losing a lot of sales opportunities because customers were not getting fast enough customer service.

Saves you money

Live chat services save you money by reducing the expenses of only having a customer phone line and by also cutting down the amount of time employees spend on the phone or answering emails. Typically, a live chat system increases the productivity and efficiency of your entire team. Employees are now able to answer multiple chats at one time, sifting back and forth, helping more than one customer. This means you will require less customer service representatives on your team and customers will be helped at a much faster rate, thus keeping your expenses down and your customers happy.

Sets you apart from your competition

Most companies, unless relatively new and mostly online-based, do not use live messaging services on their website. They heavily rely on email and their call centres as a means of contact with them. This means that investing in a system that puts the customer's needs for convenience and speedy customer service first will give you a significant edge. There will be no wait problems and they can get their questions answered quickly so that they can fly through the purchasing process.

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10 August 2015