Bold Marketing Techniques: Tips on Getting Clients' Attention

Hi, my name is Hillary, and I love to write about marketing. I especially love to focus on bold marketing campaigns. I love marketing techniques that push boundaries – ones that tread the line between crass and appropriate, scandalous and exciting, edgy and polite. However, I know that deciding where those lines are can be challenging, and if you get it wrong, it can end up looking not so appealing. In this blog, I am going to discuss how to create bold marketing campaigns that get clients' attention without going too far. If you want to learn a few new marketing tips, you have come to the right place. Please, explore and enjoy.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Custom Badges


Custom badges can be an important elements that businesses should invest in. This provides a very inexpensive marketing tool that will yield success and make the business stand out from its competitors. This article will show why businesses should invest in custom badges for their employees to register optimum performance and productivity.

Custom Badges Provides Identity and Increased Performance

Staff members that are well engaged and identify with the business will provide better productivity than disillusioned ones. Custom badges provide a sense of identity with the business to the employees. Business owners may be looking at money saving avenues and decrease expenditure. However, little inexpensive gestures such as providing custom badges to employees show that the business is investing on its human resource. This will encourage them to work harder increasing productivity and profits.

Encourage in Positive Customer Attention and Perception

With internet technology being a favourite retail option, businesses are getting an inexpensive avenue to reach to the customers without much cost. Using online marketplace means reduced going-outs. However, the traditional brick-and-mortar sellers have an important competing ground, the most important being customer service. This method of selling provides an opportunity to interact, advice and inform the customers. This comes with increased customer confidence. When your staff members are doing this while wearing uniform and their custom badges, the business gains more credibility. This is because they will be easy to spot and recognize. Badges without names will provide the same barriers as if the staff is operating on an online marketplace.

Increase Professional Image

Customers are able to notice issues that business owners may deem simple or unimportant. When a staff is attending a customer wearing badges with uneven finish, stripping paper labels or amateurish design, the customer will question the credibility of the entire business. When a nice looking badge with the name of the employee and a well finished design is worn over a nice uniform, the customer will greatly become confident with the services or goods offered for sale. This will also increase the business professional image.  Businesses should therefore invest in high quality paper for their badges, high quality resin and ink.

High Possibility for the Custom Badge to be Re-used

Having personalized badge does not necessary mean that it will never be used once the staff leaves the business for another. It is recommended to have a bank of these badges so that it increases the possibility for a new staff member having the same name.  

Considering all the above, it is clear that businesses can reap lots of benefits with small expenditure on personalized badges. They also get an edge over those operating on the online marketplace.


21 January 2016