Bold Marketing Techniques: Tips on Getting Clients' Attention

Hi, my name is Hillary, and I love to write about marketing. I especially love to focus on bold marketing campaigns. I love marketing techniques that push boundaries – ones that tread the line between crass and appropriate, scandalous and exciting, edgy and polite. However, I know that deciding where those lines are can be challenging, and if you get it wrong, it can end up looking not so appealing. In this blog, I am going to discuss how to create bold marketing campaigns that get clients' attention without going too far. If you want to learn a few new marketing tips, you have come to the right place. Please, explore and enjoy.

Does Your Company Need a PR Agency?


Many company owners don't realize the difference between a PR agency and a marketing firm; a marketing firm will create material that advertises your company or your business such as flyers and business cards, or will create ads that are placed in magazines, on television, and the like. A public relations or PR agency creates interest or publicity about your or your company through what are called editorial means, including newspaper articles, interviews in the news, and similar methods. A PR agency might create press releases with quotes from you or directly call reporters and programs where you might be interviewed. Note a few signs that your company or your business might need a PR agency and how that agency can benefit you.

Your company is going through a crisis

Has someone in upper management been caught in a scandal? Has your company been accused of poor business practices? No matter how much you might continue to advertise your product or service, as long as this crisis or bad publicity is in the news, you may see your revenue drop. A PR agency can arrange to have you interviewed to give your side of the story or note how you're handling this type of crisis and, in turn, your customers and clients might be more inclined to keep up with business as usual.

Your business thrives on networking

Advertising to the public may not be effective if you sell items to other businesses or specialize in services like management consulting or business law. In these cases, standard advertising may not reach your intended client or customer base. A PR agency will be assist you with networking; this can mean writing speeches and then arranging for you to deliver them to business seminars, or submitting stories, op-ed pieces, and the like to business and trade journals.

Social media is beyond your comprehension

Many persons today get their news and opinions from social media versus standard news outlets, but if you don't know how to manage Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular social media outlets, a PR agency can help. They can set up a social media presence for you and even manage it long-term, posting about your business as appropriate and helping you to create videos and other media that are used on these sites. This will ensure that you don't miss out on this opportunity for reaching your intended customer base.


15 August 2016