Does Your Company Need a PR Agency?


Many company owners don't realize the difference between a PR agency and a marketing firm; a marketing firm will create material that advertises your company or your business such as flyers and business cards, or will create ads that are placed in magazines, on television, and the like. A public relations or PR agency creates interest or publicity about your or your company through what are called editorial means, including newspaper articles, interviews in the news, and similar methods.

15 August 2016

Why Businesses Should Invest in Custom Badges


Custom badges can be an important elements that businesses should invest in. This provides a very inexpensive marketing tool that will yield success and make the business stand out from its competitors. This article will show why businesses should invest in custom badges for their employees to register optimum performance and productivity. Custom Badges Provides Identity and Increased Performance Staff members that are well engaged and identify with the business will provide better productivity than disillusioned ones.

21 January 2016

Live Chat Can Grow Your Business More Than You Think


Live messaging has taken much of the world by storm, completely changing how customers shop online. Australia has been slow to adopt the service, but as companies begin to catch on, you'll want to be one of the first in your niche industry to implement the popular system. Here are a few ways live messaging can transform your business for the better: Convenience As technology has advanced, society has become much faster paced with people wanting their problems resolved as quickly as possible and on their time.

10 August 2015